From Maximizing Income to Maximizing Impact with Nick Reese

Like many young people, Nick Reese was wildly ambitious. While that ambition became the driving force of his entrepreneurial efforts, matters of the heart interfered.  What started was a radical shift from maximizing income to maximizing impact. 

  • Starting a t-shirt company from a college dorm room
  • Learning to recover from the failure of a business 
  • Having the audacity to go for what you really want
  • Why Nick tied his self worth to making money 
  • A pivotal moment that caused Nick to change his path
  • Looking at a difficult parental relationship with a father
  • Handling significant amounts of adversity in order to grow
  • The 30 day cold shower challenge 
  • The importance of being able to tolerate uncomfortable situations
  • Developing a confident internal narrative to go after what you want 
  • How to improve your map of the world my modeling great ones
  • Why reading non-business books is incredibly useful 
  • Creating the awareness necessary to  know you're in an identity crisis
  • Why relationships matter more than anything in the world
  • An incredible story of love, heart problems, and what matters in life  
  • Battling with credbility vampires 


Nick Reese is on a mission to help people learn the skills to live an uncommonly good life. You can learn more about his work at and


Resources and People Mentioned

The Pillars of the Earth

The Neursocience of Flow with Steven Kotler

The Making of Super Size me with Alex Jamieson



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