From Living in a Trailer to a House of Moxie With Ashley Ambirge

In this episode of the Unmistakable Middle Finger Project Ashley Ambirge returns to the show to share her journey from living in a trailer to a house of moxie and wildly successful copywriting business. 


  • How moments in our childhood can shape and define us
  • Why some people experience growth after hardship and others don’t. 
  • Necessity as the catalyst for self reliance and independence
  • Learning the necessary character traits to navigate success and failure 
  • Why we must be wiling to put ourselves in difficult situations 
  • How the stakes get higher when we have more to lose
  • The importance of generosity  
  • Flipping the script on our internal narratives to serve us 
  • Developing a unique voice that hits people in the face with a crowbar

Resources and Posts

Lincphin by Seth Godin


In order to flip the script, you’re going to have to piss a lot of people off 

Ashley Ambirge is the the founder of The Middle Finger Project and the CEO of House of Moxie, inc. You can follow her on twitter @tmfproject

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