Finding The Sweet Spot in Your Work with Michael Gebben

Michael Gebben found himself exhausted by his work, and hiding from this clients. In this inspiring conversation he talks identifying the sweet spot in our work and getting back to doing the things we love. 


  • Going the extra mile in all the work you do 

  • Why becoming an entrepreneur is not for everybody

  • Doing things with no expectation of anything in return

  • Tuning out your external voices and turning them into fuel for your fire 

  • Taking baby steps to build some semblance of momentum

  • Lessons in creativity from the world of video 

  • Identifying your sweet spot and the things you love 

  • Why mindset gives you the biggest performance edge

  • Having a zero tolerance policy for all negativity 

  • Taking Massive Imperfect Action 


Bold: How to Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the World


The truth is that everything in life takes hard work 

Michael “Gebbs” Gebben started his video production company “Gebbs Total Video” at age 19. Later on, the company grew to become “GEBBSTV” where he explored his epic talent at shooting not only weddings and everything under sun but also events for huge names like Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins and Richard Branson among others. You can follow him on twitter @mgebbs

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