Finding New Beginnings in our Endings with Geraldine Deruiter

In this episode, Geraldine Deruiter, creator and author of the popular travel blog Everywhereist, talks about how to find new beginnings in our endings. 


  • Why a Sincere Perspective Can be as Powerful as a Useful One
  • Making Our Creative Work Richer by Infusing a Compelling Narrative
  • Questions that Can Help you to Find the Theme of A Story
  • The Importance of Letting Ideas Bake 
  • How We Find a New Beginning in Our Ending 
  • Why We Need to Sometimes Appreciate and Honor Our Losses
  • The Role of a Support System in Navigating Our Challenges 
  • The Evolutionary Process of Developing a Voice


How Writing 1000 Words a Day Changed my Life (Medium Article) 

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Geraldine Deruiter is the author of the popular and hilarious travel blog 

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