Feed The Ecosystem: Why Artists Can’t Survive on Free Content

In this backstage episode we have a discussion on whether or not consumers have a responsibility to support artists. Here are a few of the highlights from our chat: 

  • Revisiting last week's episode on the All or Nothing Internet
  • Why It may not matter who the Haves and Have Nots Are
  • The power of showing up every single day
  • How little habits bleed into bigger ones
  • The first disagreement that Greg and Srini have on air
  • The question of whether consumers have a responsibility to support art
  • The responsibility of the artists to produce work that's worth paying for
  • A discussion on the importance of feeding our ecosystem



Resources and People Mentioned


The Unmistakable Curator/Writer Position 


The All or Nothing Internet


The Great Debate: Does Talent Matter? 

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