Fearless Filmmaking and Fighting Cancer with Allison Gryphon

Allison Gryphon has climbed the ranks of the film industry over the last several years. Right at what appeared to be the pinnacle of her career, she was diagnosed with cancer. In response to her diagnosis she decided to create the film What the F*ck is Cancer? In this interview she talks to me about the process of fearless film making and fighting cancer. 

  • Lessons from climbing the ladder in the film industry
  • Hidden opportunities for people at the beginning 
  • Navigating the complex process of film making 
  • Why you can't skip the middle and go to the top 
  • Why we must learn to slow the pace of what we do
  • Learning to recognize when a mentor shows up in your life
  • Why we should respect authority but not fear it 
  • Dealing with cancer at the pinnacle of a career
  • How cancer caused Allyson to become more of who she already was
  • How significant emotional experiences impact our lives
  • Why Allison responded to her diagnosis by making a film 
  • Using creative and informative outlets as coping mechanisms
  • The definition of fearless filmmaking 
  • The importance of figuring our the rules in order to break them
  • How fearless passion for life makes you unmistakable 


Allison W. Gryphon is a novelist, filmmaker and breast cancer fighter with a passion for story and an undying appetite for living life to the fullest. 


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