Developing a Tolerance for Risk and Failure with Billy Murphy

Billy started his first job after college, soon realizing this typical path wasn’t for him. Instead, he began a career as a professional poker player, eventually scaling it into a successful multi-entity business and founded Forever Jobless. He shares with us what poker has taught him about risk, failure, and standing out.

In this episode, hear:

  • Developing a tolerance for risk, failure, and loss
  • How do you bounce back from failures?
  • Are you born with the ability to move forward in the face of failure?
  • Making the shift from long-term mindset if you’ve had a short-term mindset
  • Working hard now to pave the easier road later
  • How Billy used long-form content to stand out amongst the noise



“The riskiest play is not taking the risk.” – Billy Murphy

“When you fill a gap in the market, that’s when the successes are born.” – Billy Murphy

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