Designing a More Self Aware Life with Whitney Hess

In this episode of the podcast, Whitney Hess talks about designing a more self aware life and the power of empathy to become more effective leaders.


  • Uncovering the the Desires that Drive Us
  •  Lessons in Self Sufficiency from Being an Only Child
  •  How We can Learn to Become More Resourceful
  • Engaging in Experiences and Activities that Develop Our Skills
  • Why You Have to Actually Want to Change Regardless of What it Takes 
  • Why We Need to Understand What People’s Needs Are
  • Finding an Approach to Fulfill Your Underlying Passion 
  • What Causes us to Overlook Our Lightbulb Moments
  • The Expansiveness of Our Inner World 
  • Cultivating Your Capacity to Listen Inwardly
  • The Multiple Centers of Intelligence That We All Have 
  • How to Deal with Burnout 
  • Two Key Questions that Can Help you Discover Your Long and Short Term Intentions
  • Using Empathy to Get More Results in Your Life 


I really believe that everything we do in life is practice  (Click to Tweet

I do not believe there is such thing as a coachable person or un-coachable person (Click to Tweet

The only way to serve people’s needs is by understanding their needs. (Click to Tweet

I think most people miss the lightbulb moment because they’re not listening inwardly. (Click to Tweet


Tumblr Empathy is Everyting 

Non-Violent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg

Whitney Hess is a certified coach, published author and keynote speaker putting humanity back into business. You can follow her on twitter  @whitneyhess

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