Creating What You Want to See Exist in the World with Noah Kagan

In this episode Noah Kagan talks about creating what we want to see exist in the world, building AppSumo, and being employee #30 at Facebook.

  • The impact of being raised by immigrants 
  • Overcoming our cultural conditioning
  • Understanding what it is you really want to be doing
  • Overcoming the fear of starting and taking action
  • The power of focusing on what’s essential 
  • Navigating the emotional roller coaster of entrepreneurship
  • Creating daily routines that make you feel good 
  • Having the guts to do what’s really different



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“Most big things start small” – Noah Kagan

“If you want to get known, become the hub for people” – Noah Kagan

Noah is the Chief Sumo at, where they promote cool tools and content to help entrepreneurs kick more ass (and learn how to make a $1,000 a month business). 

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