Consciously Designing Your Life and Career with Joey Coleman

In this episode Joey Coleman discusses how we consciously design our lives and careers and while creating remarkable experiences for other people.

  • Connecting the dots of our career paths
  • The different modalities of how our brain works
  • Dealing with our “oh-shit” moments 
  • The first 100 days methodology
  • A metric for knowing when to quit 


Five Minute Journal 


“If you’re following the path that’s the right choice, the universe will line up and provide everything else” – Joey Coleman

“If you wouldn’t do it in your personal life, why would do it in your professional life?”

If gratitude isn’t part of your daily ritual, you’re missing out

Joey Coleman specializes in creating unique, attention-grabbing client experiences. He regularly serves as the creative director on projects for clients in the non-profit, technology, small business, and corporate arenas.

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