Connecting with Your Voice to Create Work that Matters with Brad Montague

Brad Montague creative director and coproducer of the wildly popular web series Kid President, talks to us about the process of how a creative project finds its voice. 


  • How Small Moments Create Encouragement 
  • Brad’s Mission to Make Other People Feel like they Matter 
  • The Origin Story of Kid President 
  • The Importance of Messengers in our Lives 
  • Finding the Element that Causes Your Work to Connect at Another Level 
  • Why Everyone of Us Needs to a Build a Cabinet
  • Bringing a Sense of Wonder to Your Work
  • The Importance of Celebrating Everybody 
  • The Evolution of a Creative Project’s Voice 
  • Viewing the Work You Create as a Gift 
  • Choosing the Story We Want to Tell 


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Brad Montague is the creator of Kid President and founder Love in Stereo

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