Conducting a Process of Deep Self Inquiry Through Mindfulness with Vincent Horn

In this episode of the podcast, Bhuddist Geeks founder, Vincent Horn discusses how to conduct a deep process of self inquiry through  mindfulness and meditation., 


  • Defining moments that alter our career paths 

  • Transcending your personal ego and personal narrative

  • The converence of practical, pragmatic and idealistic

  • Conducting a process of self inquiry to bring about your own existsential crisis

  • The incredibly short attention span of the human mind

  • Making the shift from concentration to mindfulness

  • How to free yourself the internal stories that hold you back 

  • Leveraging the breath and body to start the process of mindfulness

  • Using meditation to navigave the emotional journey of life 

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Resources Mentioned

  • The Reboot Podcast

  • Bhuddist Geeks 

Vincent Horn is part of a new generation of teachers who are translating the wisdom traditions of the past into 21st century code.  In his 20s Vincent spent over a year doing silent meditation practice in Buddhist retreat centers across the country.  During this time he also started Buddhist Geeks, a media project which explores the convergence of Buddhism, technology, and global culture.  After years of prototyping and learning he developed a way of training the mind that is neither framed in terms of ancient religions nor which denies their powerful influence.  At he teaches meditation for the digital age, and as the resident mindfulness coach at he works with CEOs and tech-startups who want to transform the world by reprogramming their inner operating systems.

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