Combining a Love for Science and Comedy to Build a Career with Natalia Reagan

In this episode of the show we speak with anthropologist, writer, actress, and comedian Natalia Reagan.  She talks to us about how she’s combined her love for science, comedy, and primates into a rather unusual career.

  • An early obsession with King Kong nightmares
  • Dealing with a tragic and life changing car accident
  • Natalia’s foray into the study of spider monkeys
  • The creation of “butt” week that led to viral success
  • Natalia’s ultimate goal of creating a science comedy show
  • How to look back at our childhood dreams
  • Learning to craft the stories of our lives
  • Natalia’s appearance on a popular TV show
  • Dealing with critics and naysayers and turning them into fans
  • Post traumatic stress versus post traumatic growth
  • Building a multi-hyphenated career
  • The myth of winning the internet lottery
  • The role of craft in the process of entertainment


Natalia Reagan is the creator of “Science! It’s Your Friend,” a tongue-in-cheek web series that seeks to answer science questions with comedy. She has appeared on various television and radio shows, such as the “TODAY Show,” “Fox Edge News,” and “Playboy Morning Radio.” Through the success of her passions, Natalia strives to illuminate others on means of living in harmony with nature.


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