Charlie Hoehn: When Work Becomes Play

There’s this underlying current with everybody that you need to justify your existence with these major accomplishments. You need to show everybody else that you’re doing it right. But really, you were just given this life. None of us asked for this. This was all a gift. So it’s crazy to fall into these rhythms where we think “that’s what I need to be doing.” Rather than reflect on, what are the moments that brought me joy where no one was grading me, no one was forcing me to do the activity, I was just doing what I wanted to do. What were those things that you did as a kid, those activities where you were just left to your own devices, you were on your leisure time, you weren’t in school, no one was directing you or instructing you to do anything. What were the activities that you were repeatedly and voluntarily turning to because that’s really your Northstar.  – Charlie Hoehn



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Charlie Hoehn is the Head of Author Marketing for Scribe Writing. As an author himself, he is the literary equivalent of a Snickers bar. His books, Play It Away and Recession-Proof Graduate, offer simple solutions that help people get on with their lives. He’s also the creator of Play for a Living: A Coffee Table Book for Your Inner Genius

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