Changing your Identity to Change your Habits With James Clear

James Clear’s journey resulted in the intersection of  entrepreneurship, health, and creativity.  The byproduct of this intersection was an deep study on how habits impact our lives. In this interview we discuss the process of creating identity based habits in order to change our lives. 

  • How habits impact entrepreneurship, health, and creativity 
  • Lessons from the baseball field that James has applied to his life
  • Why you can design your own options for things in life 
  • Post traumatic growth vs post traumatic stress 
  • Learning to treat your failures as data points 
  • Why mistakes and failures are required for mastery
  • The importance of changing habits gradually 
  • How volume, repetition and routine help us deal with failure 
  • Why basics and foundational pieces of mastery truly matter
  • Designing your environment to reduce activation energy
  • The myth that you can’t miss a day with a habit

James Clear writes at, where he shares strategies based on proven research and real-world experiences that make it easier to stick to good habits and live a healthy life

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