Building a Community Through New York’s Largest Tech Meetup with Jessica Lawrence

In this episode Jessica Lawrence walks us through her journey to becoming a young Girl Scout council CEO in the country to her role as executive director of New York’s largest tech meetup. 

Episode Higlights: 

  • Jessica's journey to becoming a young Girl Scout council CEO
  • Building a results only work environment 
  • How freedom leads to innovation 
  • Why our definitions limit us 
  • Learning to let go of what’s comfortable


New York Tech Meetup


Prior to her work with NYTM, Jessica was the CEO of Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio Council in Southern California. During her tenure, she was the youngest Girl Scout Council CEO in the country. While serving as CEO, Jessica was an architect of change, leading the organization through much needed shifts in organizational culture and structure, and reshaping the strategic vision of the organization to providing high-quality, relevant programming.

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