Bridging the Gaps in Our Productivity with Chris Bailey

Chris Bailey, author of The Productivity Project returns to the show to discuss how to bridge the productivity gaps in our lives, and how to effectively manage your time, attention and energy.  


  • How to create a structure for your projects
  • Why limitations and constraints increase your creativity
  • The difference between production and accomplishments 
  • Character traits coordinated with a lack of productivity 
  • Dealing with our addiction to “productivity porn” 
  • The biggest mistakes that people make in their productivity
  • Why checking email hurts our ability to manage attention 
  • The 3 ingredients that you combine to increase your productivity 
  • Training the ability to manage your attention 
  • Why mindfulness is so essential to our work today 



I really think this capacity to change is inherent in everyone. 

Not all tasks are created equal  

The more you use your brain to work, the more you need to manage your attention and energy 

You work less efficiently if you don’t bring all of your attention to the work in front of you

Productivity is about the results that your action produces. 

Attentional spaces breeds creativity. 

When you let your mind wander and daydream you create the space for ideas to rise and bubble up to the surface 

For every minute you spend organizing everything that’s a minute you don’t spend doing anything. 

For exactly one year, beginning May 1st, 2013, Chris Bailey decided to  follow his passion and devour everything he could get his hands on about productivity, and then write every day about what he learned on A Year of Productivity

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