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You have your body which is your hardware. And then you have the external world. At an early age you develop the software or operating system to interact between the hardware and the external world. The operating system is formed during the first 7 years. This is why the Jesuits say “give me the child until the age of 7 and I’ll give you the man. So that  early education: did you get bullied, how did you respond, how do you navigate playground dynamics, how do you deal with parental stress or family trauma..  You kind of form this operating system. Then we become adults in we start running applications on it: career, love life, sports, money, finance. And the applications start crashing. We blame the application. But we never go back to rewrite the operating system. In a newer world that we live in today that is infinitely more complex, we need to rewrite our basic operating system. Old tools for that worked when you had a lifetime. But the world is moving too quickly now for somebody to take 10 years to meditate to get to some level of transformation.  - Salim Ismail


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Salim is a sought after speaker, strategist and entrepreneur – his last company, Angstro, was acquired by Google in August 2010. Salim spent two years as SU’s founding Executive Director and currently serves as its Global Ambassador focusing on its global presence. He Twitters his thoughts at @salimismail and blogs infrequently at www.salimismail.com

Originally aired 9 months ago.

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