Best of 2015: The Art of Living a Noteworthy Life with Bob Goff

Bob Goff joins us to talk about love, what we’re made to do, and living a life filled with whimsy in this best of 2015 episode. 


  • What you’re able to do vs what you are made to do
  • Infusing your life with a sense of wonder and taking a childlike approach to everything 
  • Viewing things as additions and interruptions 
  • How curiosity and humility can shape our lives 
  • Factors that cause love to start to emerging
  • The 8 most important people in your life
  • Why we are not defined by successes or failures
  • Making the choice to a beautiful reaction to people 
  •  Who we used to be vs who you are becoming 
  • Living a life and legacy that can be described by more than your intuition  


I don’t think we lose our zest for life. We lose our imagination. (Click to Tweet)

We’re all amateurs at love. (Click to Tweet)

Bob Goff is the New York Times Best-Selling Author of Love Does, as well as an attorney who founded Restore International, a nonprofit human rights organization operating in Uganda, India and Somalia. 

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