Best of 2015: Creating Your Immortal Beautiful Work With Jennifer Boykin

Jennifer Boykin discusses what it takes to create your immortal beautiful work, getting comfortable with something unplanned happening and how we can use mastery of one craft to build confidence in others. 

  • Why you can have everything, but not at the same time
  • Learning about your dreaming instead of pursuing it
  • Meeting the enormity of what is possible for us in our lives
  • Using small wins to build confidence and overcoming failure 
  • Why our culture teaches to use grandiose language is not strategic
  • Why we need to overthrow ourselves a little bit 
  • How music shapes and influences Jennifer’s art 
  • Getting comfortable with something unplanned happening
  • Using artistry and mastery to transfer excellence to anything 
  • Leveraging obsession appointments to break patterns of negative thinking 


Loss is the gateway to freedom (Click to Tweet) 

Our work is to live as mortal people, but create immortal beautiful work (Click to Tweet) 

Resources Mentioned

The Denial of Death By Ernest Becker

A Word About Failure 


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