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Wesley Chapman shares his personal story of 12 documented suicide attempts, and the tremendous power of accepting the transparent reality of our core identities 


  • Wes’ experience with 12 document suicide attempt
  • Finding your identity after it’s been lost 
  • How our stories and circumstances become our power 
  • Connecting the experiences of your life to expression of your identity
  • Why healing from our pain frees us from it 
  • Seeing past people’s weaknesses in order to see their strengths
  • An honest conversation about what drives people towards suicide 
  • Why worth is so important to our internal well being 
  • The power of creativity and imagination to increase our  self worth 
  • Why every hero’s journey has a moment when we fall 


Until we’re honest with ourselves we can’t be honest with the rest of the world 


A Human Project

Wesley Chapman is the co-founder of  a non-profit called A Human Project, where his mission is to create a community of empowered youth, while preventing teens from self harm and suicide. 

Originally aired over 1 year ago.

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