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Elle Luna shares her journey to the crossroads of should and must in this best of 2015 episode. 


  • A recurring dream that served as a sign for a calling
  • Why the crossroads should and must appears over and over again
  • How getting rejected from every law school changed Elle's life
  • Learning to trust the intelligence that lies beyond ourselves
  • Opening the floodgates of creativity through collaboration
  • Looking to peers as our mirrors when things don't go according to plan
  • Lessons in life from working at IDEO
  • The power of optimism and curiosity 
  • Why a team, community and support are essential to our success 
  • Learning to remove the "shoulds" of our lives 
  • Getting in touch with our inner psychic world 
  • Why vulnerability is a good indicator that you are on to something 
  • Learning to reframe what your idea of success is 
  • How following "must" becomes a gift to other people


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Often times the best way to get to must is to understand should first.  (Click to Tweet)

Nowhere is the essence of must more purely exhibited than when we’re kids.  (Click to Tweet)

The vulnerability piece is a really good indicator that you’re onto something.  (Click to Tweet)


The Mailbox App

The Crossorads Should and Must (Medium Essay)

The Crossroads of Should and Must (Book)

Elle Luna is a designer, painter and writer.  She also runs a textile venture, the Bulan Project., a collaboration with master batik artists in Bali, and has previously worked at international design firm IDEO and with teams to build Mailbox's iPhone App, redesign Uber's iPhone App and scale the storytelling platform Medium.  You can follow her on twitter @elleluna.

Originally aired almost 2 years ago.

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