Best of: Challenging the Cultural Narratives of Motherhood and Addiction with Janelle Hanchett

Janelle Hanchett wasn’t sure if she was crazy or the rest of the world was when she became a mother. She saw all the ideals and characters of “motherhood” and realized she didn’t fit hardy any of them. So she began her blog, Renegade Mothering, to see if others felt that same way. She attempts to break down the cultural narratives of what being a mother truly is, and she discusses her addictive past as well.

Janelle Hanchett created the blog Renegade Mothering in 2011 to determine if the rest of the mothering world was crazy or she was. She invited readers to join her in “the fight against helpful parenting advice” and wrote candidly about the darker sides of motherhood, including her own recovery from alcoholism. She’s the author of I’m Just Happy to Be Here as well.

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