Becoming Future Proof with Brad Grossman

Brad Grossman, creator of the the Zeitguide join us to discuss developing a learning curriculum in order to become future proof.


  • How tutoring high school kids led to meeting Brian Grazer

  • The power of asking questions and insatiable curiosity

  • Why our natural gifts don’t necessarily show up in a traditional way

  • The importance of knowing why we learn the things to do

  • Breaking the conditioning that causes us to choose from the options in front of us

  • Incorporating knowledge, systems and ideas into your life

  • Lessons learned from working with Brian Grazier


I believe curiosity leads to serendipity

My curiosity is the foundation for my success

Creativity is about thinking and your approach to life

If you force something you’re going to lose your authenticity and your originality

If you’re stuck in a tunnel and deaf to the conversations happening in the world you’re going to fail.


Brad Grossman heads client-teams that guide top executives in nearly every industry vertical—media/entertainment, consumer products, finance, technology, advertising, healthcare, art/fashion—leading Fortune 100 global enterprises, non-profits, and emerging start-ups.

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