A Notebook as a Platform for Your Imagination With Erik Fabian

In this episode of the podcast, Moleskine’s director of brand and public relations, Erik Fabian, joins us to talk about how a notebook can serve as a platform your imagination and the pillars of an iconic brand. 


  • Erik’s early influences from art teachers and theatrical performance 
  • Trusting your sense of joy
  • Finding our sense of community as adults
  •  Why in-person events create faster bonds than online communities
  • The influence of attending an experimental college
  • How a notebook can serve as a platform for your imagination
  •  Infusing the pillars of an iconic brand into your own work
  • Why pen and paper is still prevalent in a digital world
  • How Moleskine notebooks are designed to create an emotional bond with with their owner

Erik Fabian is the Director of Brand & PR for Moleskine America where he ensures the core values and narratives of the Moleskine brand are shared with fans across the United States, Canada, and Latin America. Erik leads a team responsible for design, digital, and event partnerships with brands like: Tumblr, the Telluride Film Festival, Dwell.com, the Future of Storytelling Conference, the NYC French Embassy, the School of Visual Arts, Sean Kelly Gallery, and the Instagram based street-art gallery Instagrafite. Design collaborations have included projects with artists: Marina Abramović, Kehinde Willey, and Sarah Sze.
Erik is also a long-time impresario and artist/performer. He is a graduate of the Master of Fine Arts program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and experimental liberal arts curriculum at the Evergreen State College. Erik is launching a mini-series of interviews on a new YouTube channel: The Grass Is Green

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