A Look at the Rebranding of Our Podcast

It's quite clear to many of you that we've made some significant changes in the last week by renaming the show and launching an incredibe new web site. In this backstage episode, Greg Hartle and I do a deep dive into the rebranding of BlogcastFM. 

  • The early conversations about changing the name of the show
  • Why any sort of brand fits into a particular parking spot
  • How our brand has evolved over time 
  • Why your brand must make people feel a certain way
  • The role that immediate impressions play 
  • Why you shouldn't have to explain 
  • How to not become a victim of the innovator's dilemma
  • The role that having a team plays in your growth 
  • Disturbing statisics about solo entrepreneurship 
  • Why making really fast decisions is critical to your success
  • Determinig the essence of your brand 

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