July 1

Mem Tutorial: Use Bidirectional Links to Overcome Writer’s Block

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With bidirectional links, writer’s block becomes a thing of the past. You’ll never have a shortage of ideas because you can capture insights without immediate action. You have an abundance ideas, so you’re never staring at a blank page.

What are Bidirectional Links?

A bidirectional link is one that looks both ways. Imagine a maze. For simplicity sake, let’s pretend that one side of the maze is labeled Black and the other side is labeled White. The maze is divided into many islands. Some islands will be labeled Green, some Yellow, and some will be labeled Blue. So when you look at any island, you see the exact same thing that each island’s label depicts, but with a slight twist. If you look at Blue Island, for example, you’ll see a picture of the turtle, as well as a link to the image of the turtle. If you’re looking at White Island, you’ll see a picture of a car, as well as a link to the picture of the car.

You have no shortage of ideas but they are all jumbled up in some kind of mess inside your brain because you lack the discipline to capture them and then put them on paper or into action– when will this end?? But by using bidirectional links so every time an idea crops up for future projects simply write “Idea” at first glance without worrying about where it came from just focus/hunt down those stray inspirations you’ll be able stop writer’s block forever!


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