GRow your audience and  INcrease YOUR ONLINE VISIBILITY

Even if you don't know where to start

Struggled to stay consistent in the past

Don't have all the time in the world

Have limited experience building an audience

5 Common  Pitfalls of Creators trying to grow their audience

In my conversations with people about their biggest challenges building an audience, I've noticed a few common patterns. How many sound familiar to you?


  • Challenge #1: I'm balancing too many things (social media in all of the places: FB, IG, Twitter, & Pinterest), email list newsletters, blogging and podcasting. I'm burnt out and struggling with where to focus my time and attention so I don't end up in the time-sucking loop I was in before.
  • Challenge #2: I'm trying to figure out how to consistently create content that really connects with my audience, spread the word, give it visibility to the public and make connections with people of the same tribe.
  • Challenge #3: Fear is my greatest challenge. I fear that what I have to say isn't worth saying - that I don't really have anything to offer that would help others. Also, that my writing simply isn't good enough for public consumption. (day job)
  • Challenge #4: I'm struggling with taking the first step. I'm procrastinating because I don’t know where and when to start. I'm feeling overwhelmed by so many options and so much conflicting information. 
  • Challenge #5: Turning my ideas into concrete results/output is evidently my greatest challenge. Ex: I have a book idea and had also started a fun blog, which I've barely touched since a friend gave their unwelcome advice about it. 

I've Been there

Sid Savara, Leo Babauta (creator of Zen Habits), and Me 8 Years Ago at Blogworld

For the first 5 years, I was growing my online audience :

  • I read social media marketing books.
  • I followed the latest trend.
  • I installed plugins,
  • I implemented tactics and incorporated hacks.

But.  I was stuck 

It didn't matter how many things I tried or how hard I was working, I attended conferences, connected with "influencers", but didn't feel like I was making any progress.. And I started wondering if maybe it wasn't meant to be or it was time to quit. 

To make money

  • I helped an author with book marketing, 
  •  I managed social media for a pro surfer,
  • Wrote marketing articles that I found mind-numbing. 

When I started working with mentor Greg in 2013,  he asked me a question that changed everything.

Do you want to be doing any of this 5 years from now?

The answer was resounding no

What became clear was that I lacked focus. I was doing many things inconsistently as opposed to very few things consistently. With some subtle changes in my behavior, my life started to change What followed was a sequence of events beyond anything I expected

  • 2013: 2 self-published books. One sold 1000 copies. The other became a WSJ bestseller.
  • 2015: A Six Figure Book deal with Penguin Portfolio. 

And much more. Looking back at what changed, I realized there was so much missing from all the courses I'd taken about building an audience. There's no need for you to repeat my mistakes.

The LoYAL  Audience  Mastermind


Instead of struggling to find time amidst all of the marketing & social media responsibilities, you'll learn to create consistently regardless of how much time you have.

Learn the research-backed strategy that all professional creators use to stay consistent. Whether you're juggling a day job and a house full of toddlers, teenage tyrants or struggling to stay focused, you'll become consistent and prolific.


Get over your fear that what you have to say isn't worth saying. Learn to express your creativity with courage.

How do you get started when you're paralyzed by fear? How do you silence the inner critic? How do you deal with self-judgement that keeps you from putting your writing or art into the world? You'll learn a process to silence your inner critic and unleash your creativity into the world.


End procrastination and overwhelm from conflicting information. 

Learn a clear framework to  take the first step and all the ones after.

Adopt research-backed strategies from over 700 interviews and 10 years of building the Unmistakable Creative. Then you'll see exactly how to implement, test and tweak tactics to overcome your own challenges.


Stop struggling to turn your ideas into concrete results/output. 

Bring your most ambitious ideas to life. 

Learn a simple methodology that every prolific creator uses to bring their ideas to life in record time, maintain their motivation throughout the process, and finish the things they start. With this process in your creative arsenal, you'll be an unstoppable force. 


Over the last 10 years, I've interviewed more than 700 people, wrote a self published Wall Street Journal Best-seller, written two books with Penguin Portfolio (whose authors include Seth Godin, Simon Sinek, Marie Forleo, and Ryan Holiday. I've also raised a round of venture funding.

And there's something you might not know. Our audience isn't massive. It's loyal. A loyal audience of true fans is what made all of my accomplishments possible.

12 Payments of $50/month

(That's just $1.66 a day)


Save $100- Pay in Full

The tools I got from the Masterclass got me writing on a daily basis for the first time in decades.

"It showed me how to take all of the daily writing and craft it into focused articles and stories. This course helped me lay solid foundations as a writer for my long term goal of getting published and become a money earning writer."

Michael Jaffe

What's Included? 

12 Weekly Lessons

4 Monthly Calls

Private Forum 

I've developed the material in this course based on more than 700 interviews, 1000s of books. and field testing them with my own creative work. Because of that, it's comprehensive and goes for 3 months.  

Month 1: BEhavior Change

This is a foundational aspect of growing your audience that's missing in any other course. Before you can build an audience, you have to develop the identity of a person who can.  You have to adopt the behavior of a successful creator. Once you, do many of the other aspects will become automatic.

  • 1
    Increase Your Creative Confidence:  Every creator has a fear that they don't have anything worth saying. In this first module, you'll learn about the simple shift that will help you increase your creative confidence.
  • 2
    Manage Your Attention and Build Better Habits: Habits are the compound interest of self-improvement. And creative habits are the compound interest of building and growing an audience. By making your creative work a habit, your skills improve and results do as well.
  • 3
    Become Consistent and Prolific: Consistency is a critical aspect of building your audience. If your audience doesn't know when to expect your work, they'll be unlikely to stick around. But, once you understand how to leverage the principle that all prolific creators use, inconsistency will never be an issue for you again.
  • 4
    Sustain the Changes to Your Behavior: The reason new behaviors don't stick is because we make them unsustainable. Sustainable behavior changes will make you more efficient, require less time and lead to much better results.

Month 2: systems Design

Having a system is essential to increasing your creative output. Without one. you will always feel like you're throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks.

  • 1
    Develop Idea Capture/Generation Systems: Nobody has a lack of ideas. They lack the discipline to capture them. By building an idea generation system, you'll never be at a loss for words or ideas.
  • 2
    Developing Your Creative Process: We want creative goals and specific outcomes, but don't develop a process to support those goals. Your process will enable you to focus on what you control. You'll learn how to customize this process based on your strengths, weaknesses, and life situation.
  • 3
    Building a Second Brain: Your brain is a terrible place to store information. By building a second one, you'll free up your brain power for having and executing ideas instead of storing them.
  • 4
    Deliberate Consumption: Instead of clicking on every link, reading every book someone recommends, and signing up for 100 newsletters, you'll learn how to develop a deliberate consumption strategy to support your areas of interest. It's what creators like Judd Apatow have used to launch their careers.

Month 3: Content and Growth

With the right strategy, you'll learn to create content that resonates and helps to grow your audience.

  • 1
    Choosing Your Medium: Contrary to popular belief and online marketing mantras, there's nothing that everybody should do, whether it's to start a podcast or use the latest social platform. You'll learn how to choose a medium that works for YOU.
  • 2
    Content Creation: Creating content that resonates with an audience is a combination of art and science. You'll learn the essential ingredients for content that resonates with an audience and transforms them from fan and followers to fanatics.
  • 3
    Content Distribution and Promotion: By understanding how promotion and distribution works, you'll stop wasting countless hours trying things that don't lead anywhere. Instead, you'll learn to focus on the handful of activities that lead to the biggest ROI on your efforts.
  • 4
    Audience Growth/Monetization: Audience growth is not about tactics, optimization or anything. It's about doing something that people would miss if it was gone and solving their problems. Learn how to identify what your audience wants, and the paths that every creator can take to monetize their work.

Additional Bonuses

$500 Value

  • 1
    Distraction Master: This is my time management course for busy people. You'll learn the ins and outs mastering your attention and managing your time. 
  • 2
    The Fearless Writers Masterclass: Get the system you need to write consistently, publish, and earn money from your work.
  • 3
    A website audit : You'll receive a video audit of your web site with recommendations for how to improve the design and suggestions for the content. 

what Previous students have said about our masterclasses

If you need a kick start to get out of your own way and get writing, and you want to learn from someone out there doing it in a raw and real way...take the workshop!

"I loved hearing that many of the things I struggle with are things published authors struggle with too. This really took away a lot of the pressure I put on myself to perform. I particularly loved the live editing of our own work. That really challenged me to put my work out there for feedback- this was huge for me."

 Carla Reeves


The Fearless Masterclass motivated me to write more in six weeks than I did in the previous two decades.

"Whether you want to be a published author or write your memoirs for you or your descendants, this workshop will give you the boost that you need."

 Monica Alzate




I know have to prove myself to you. There's so much conflicting formation out there. Consistency has been an ongoing struggle. The list goes on and on.  That's why I added one finishing touch: a 100% money back guarantee. Try the ENTIRE first 60 days (2/3 of the course). Show me you did the work. Participate in the weekly calls. If you feel it hasn't been INSANELY valuable, write me for a full refund.


What's the format?

Unlike other courses, you won't be passively consuming content at your own pace. We're flipping that model on its head because it doesn't work. I'll send you the course materials in advance. During the weekly call, we'll discuss the material, answer questions, address your challenges and give you suggestions for the following week.

These calls are live. But there will be recordings for the ones you miss. When we did this in our previous masterclass, the ability to interact with other people in the class proved to be invaluable for our students.

How much time will this take?

The mastermind lasts for 3 months. The lectures are 10-15 minutes long. But the weekly calls are an hour. And any assignment won't take you more than 1 hour per week.

Why are there only 10 available for purchase? 

The fewer people there are in the mastermind, the more people will get out of. Given the time commitment and depth of the material, having too many people would take away from the value for other students. And some of the people who bought tickets to our conference opted to participate in the mastermind, in lieu of a refund.

Will I get personalized attention?

Absolutely. But you have to show up for weekly sessions and participate. Unless you're willing to raise your hand, it's difficult to answer your questions.

How do I know if this is for me?

If you're looking for some magic formula that results in an audience of millions or are unwilling to do the work, but want the results, this is not for you. Building an audience requires patience, persistence, commitment and consistency. It's not going to happen overnight.


Anyone who creates content and wants to build an audience for their work. The material is relevant and applicable for bloggers, podcasters, Youtubers, and more. 

When are the sessions? 

The mastermind begins February 1. The sessions will be held from 5pm-6pm MST on Tuesday evenings. If you can't make every session, there will be a recording as well. 

Why is there an application?

I want to make sure that you're a good fit for both of us. Otherwise, it will be a waste of your money and my time. Neither of us wants that. I'm not just interested in your money. I want you to get an INSANE amount of value out of this.

Can you guarantee my audience will be bigger?

There are no magic bullets. You might remember that guy who told Aunt Becky from Full House and a bunch of other rich people that he could guarantee their children's admission to Ivy League schools. He's currently facing a stiff prison sentence.

So you should be wary of anyone who guarantees such a result. What I can guarantee is this. You'll have a rock-solid set of tools, systems and strategies that every successful content creator uses.

REad to Join The MasterMind?

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