January 12

Imagining What’s Possible With Digital Tools and Services

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As the gap between creativity and technology moves towards zero, and the ability to go from idea to execution becomes almost instant, what will matter more than knowing how to use a tool is knowing why you're using it. The real value will be based on your ability to imagine what's possible with any given tool.

Using a tool like Beautiful.AI to design terrible Powerpoint presentations defeats the purpose of using it.

Using an unlimited design service to do nothing other than creating memes for Instagram doesn't make much sense.

Every platform comes with a user manual. Every tool comes with a set of instructions. But it makes no sense to own a Ferrari and spend the rest of your life driving it on surface streets at 10 miles an hour.

There's a massive difference between knowing how to use a tool and coming up with interesting things you can do with it. Technology and the internet reward the latter. The capacity of any tool or service is only limited by what you imagine is possible with it.


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