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As a sex, life, and intimacy coach, Kim shares how sex can be a place for personal growth and wellness. She teaches us how we can tap into the life force of sex, as a place where we can quiet the chatter of the mind and of massive transformation.

In this episode, hear:

  • Finding your "next right" step
  • How do we develop non-attachment?
  • Becoming uninhibited
  • Incorporated meditation as a practice
  • How do we achieve a different state without an altered environment or state of mind?
  • Confronting your sexual blocks
  • Junk-food sex vs Gourmet sex


"I don't believe enlightenment is a static concept. It's actually a temporary place... We get to a plateau and we've achieved something and there's always another level to go." ~ Kim Anami

"I look at sex as being this arena where we can consciously confront taboos." ~ Kim Anami


Originally aired almost 3 years ago.

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