Submission Guidelines

One of our listeners said "IF TEDtalks Met Oprah" you'd have The Unmistakable Creative. That's the filter through which we make all our decisions. We're looking for a story that's as soulful as Oprah combined with the insight of a TEDtalk,

Book Publicists
If you're a book publicist, please don't submit a galley letter. 98% of the time those get deleted. Having done two books with a publisher, we know you're trying to land appearances for your authors.

You'll not only help your authors by avoiding a galley letter. You'll make it easier for us to say yes. While all of our guests have accomplished extraordinary things, we're not looking for someone's resume. We're more interested in who they are as a person and why they're a fit for our show.

Pitching Yourself
If you're pitching yourself, here are some things you shouldn't do. 

  • Don't list your accolades.  Don't just write your bio.
  • Don't tell us about metrics of any kind, fans followers, page views, etc
  • Don't mention the other podcasts you've been on

If you want to get our attention:

  • We're obsessed with people who are good at unusual things. If you're the best yo-yo artist in the world, we love you. If you're the best Facebook fan page expert in the world, our show isn't for you.
  • Tell us how you think our audience would benefit from hearing your story. Let us know what you plan to teach them.
  • Tell us something interesting about yourself. The stranger, the more likely it will catch our attention.

This publicist has consistently landed guests on our show. We've joked that she should teach a class on how to land guests on a podcast. We recommend checking out her perfect pitch.

If one of our former guests referred you let us know. We say yes to almost every one of them.

Stories, not tactics
While we like practical advice, the focus of our show is interesting stories. If you're pitching us on things like social media marketing, SEO, selling info products, or increasing traffic to a web site, it's not for us.

Backed by Research
We love mental models and frameworks backed by research from behavioral science. So do our listeners. For example, listen to this episode about How to Make Better Decisions by Thinking in Bets

Listen to an Episode
Our best guest always listen to an episode before their appearance on the show. As we tell everyone if you've been media-trained forget everything you've learned. We like long stories, and some of our guests have given 20-minute answers to one question.

We'd recommending starting with The Neuroscience of Goals. If you've never listened to an episode, don't tell us why you're perfect for our show.