Unmistakable Creative Guest Guidelines

Our mission is to tell stories about insanely interesting people that educate and entertain our listeners. Human beings are wired for story, and we want the stories told on our show to add meaning and value to the lives of our listeners.

We are frequently asked what it is that we look for when it comes to guests on the Unmistakable Creative, so we’ve put together this page which we recommend that you read before you pitch a client, guest or yourself for an appearance on our show. 

1. Stories, Not Tactics

Things like how to increase traffic to a web site become an expert in the latest social media tool or app don’t tend to do well with our audience. We don’t teach tactics and believe the greatest work of your life is done with a compass, not a map. Below are a few examples of guests who are masterful storytellers

2. Research, Not Hunches

While we love content that is inspiring and uplifting, we also love it when the work that somebody wants to share with our audience is backed up by research. Below are a few examples of guests who did an amazing job translating their research into value for our listeners.

3. Listen before You Pitch

Nobody likes receiving a generic pitch. We realize this might be a tall order. But in our experience, we’ve found that the guests who deliver exceptional value to our audience have listened to at least one episode. In many cases we’ve scrapped interviews in the middle of them and when the guest has gone back and listened to an interview, been able to have much more meaningful conversations. 

4. Interview Length

Occasionally we’ve had potential guests or their publicists pitch us, and due to their “status” or "fame" tell us they can only give us 15-30 mins. Given the depth that we like to go into with our guests, we ask that each interviewee allocates an hour. If that doesn’t work, it’s probably not a good match for us.