How to use Your Knowledge to Create Content

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Natalie Marie Collins is a business coach and Maximize Your Output student. She had a huge library of knowledge that she had accumulated over the last 6 years while building her business. She wanted to organize, access, and connect her knowledge to create content and grow her business. When I saw her workflow in Mem, I was so impressed that I copied some of her ideas and asked her if she would show our audience how she used Mem.

Here is what you'll learn:

  • Create a bullet journal in Mem
  • Build a knowledge library that you always have at your fingertips
  • Stop hoarding knowledge and start using it to create content
  • Manage ALL your tasks, projects, content creation, and clients in Mem

Learn how to build your own knowledge library that's always at your fingertips in our free webinar! You'll learn how to make the most of Mem, organize everything in one place, and connect seamlessly

Presented by

Natalie Marie Collins

August 22, 2022
6:00pm Eastern Time

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