Frameworks lead to Innovation. Formulas Lead to Imitation

Formulas are seductive and easy to sell. Follow these 5-steps, and you'll get this result. But in every formula, there's one variable that throws it off: the person using the formula. Two people can take the same actions and get drastically different results.

My sister and I went to Berkeley. I got fired from all my jobs. She rose to the top of her field. But conventional wisdom tells us that a famous college like Berkeley is a predictor of how successful you'll be later in life.

I could stand next to my mother on the stove, mimic every detail of one of her recipes, and her food will inevitably taste better. Taking a formulaic approach overlooks the fact that she's had 30 years of experience in the kitchen. My friend attempted to do this with his mother, and her food was still better.

Formulas breed dependency on gurus, coaches, mentors, and teachers. It's hard to do anything unmistakable if you're sitting around waiting for someone to tell you what to do.

In 2009, I enrolled in an online course about how to start a blog, but it led me to start a podcast. Because it was a course about starting a blog, I couldn't just keep following the instructions.

Frameworks teach you how to think. If you modify a formula, discard what doesn't work or don't follow the instructions to the letter, it becomes a framework. A framework forces you take responsibility for your results. Frameworks lead to innovation. Formulas lead to imitation.

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