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I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.

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  I think we've all got it in us to fly closer the sun.  But it's  different for everyone . For me it's now becoming a mission to leverage our show as a vehicle to  see over 1000 people love and look forward to the work they do everyday.  I've hated nearly every job I've had and they almost made me believe I was destined to be ordinary and average. That's turned into a calling to keep it from happening to other people. Perhaps I've finally found my why.
  • Bigger Projects
  • Dents in the Universe
  • Crazy Wild Eyed Dreams
  • Whatever you want
All of it is going to be yours if I have anything to do with it. So, what's it going to take for us  to get there?
  • No maps
  • No formulas
Just a leap of faith and a willingness to commit to your personal version of extraordinary.  There will be bumps in the road. It might not work. But I promise, you'll be better off for having taken the journey.

The Risk of Being Wrong

Most of us stop raising our hands quite early in life. Say the wrong answer.   Deal with the embarrassment and ridicule. Make a permanent decision based on a temporary circumstance….. better not to raise your hand at all.  Keep Quiet Don't make any noise  Memorize And hopefully when it's all done you'll get out of it all with out any battle wounds. Sorry to break it to you… but if you've got no battle scars you've not even stepped on the field. Or as Scott Stratten recently told me, not only are you out of the game, you don't even have a pair of dice.   I was a straight A-student in throughout high school. But I never really learned much. I memorized what I needed to in order to get good grades. I tried to avoid looking stupid and asking too many questions.  I was rewarded for this behavior with admission to one of the best universities in the world. Life doesn't reward us for this behavior. If you don't raise your hand, if you don't speak up, then you'll live your life according to somebody else's expectations. Agree with my ideas? Disagree with them?  It doesn'' really matter.  The only we way we move forward as a society is if we're willing to risk being wrong.  The consequences of being wrong are not jail time or death (assuming you're not breaking the law).  If you risk being wrong , and you are right  humanity progresses If you risk being wrong, and you are wrong, well you actually LEARN something.  Isn't' that the point?   We're not going through life to to pad our resumes, cross items of the to-do list, and race to the grave.  That's not living. That's existing. A friend told me recently better to live a life made up of oh wells than what ifs. Note: This was an excerpt from this week's BlogcastFM newsletter. A member of our tribe recommended that I repurpose it as a blog post so more of you would get it. Thanks Laura

Originally aired over 4 years ago.

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