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In this Unmistakable Creative Classic, we speak with happiness researcher Shawn Achor about scientifically proven advice for become happier. His work in positive psychology has resulted in discoveries of incredibly simple and effective happiness advice. 

  • A look at Shawn’s early work in religion and spirituality
  • Why positive brains lead to better outcomes
  • The opportunity to choose between multiple careers
  • Why you don’t have the meditate for 7 years to be happy
  • Divorcing yourself from your genetic makeup
  • How to make changes to your habits by tapping into past success
  • Making a mindset shift to separate happiness from your environment
  • Why we study and learn from positive outliers
  • Going to back to places when you had less than now but were happy
  • Why genetics and environment don’t indicate our potential
  • How People Experience Post Traumatic Growth
  • Learning how to become more optimistic and productive
  • Ideas for spying yourself towards your goal
  • Scientifically proven tips for becoming happier
  • Why small changes have the greatest impact on our lives
  • How to rock your to do list 
  • Putting the concept of activation energy to work
  • Why vision boards usually don’t work for people

Shawn Achor is  the author of Before Happiness and The Happiness Advantage. He is also a positive psychology researcher,  speaker and founder of GoodThink, Inc. 

Originally aired over 3 years ago.

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