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In this unmistakable classic we revisit our interview with Georgetown professor and author  Cal Newport who talks to us about how to be so good they can't ignore you. 

  • How Cal Has Blended a Traditional and Untraditional Path 
  • A Look at the Early Creation Process of Cal's Study Guides
  • Lessons from the MIT Theory of Computation Group
  • The Importance of Focus and Resisting Distractions
  • What it Takes to Develop Career Capital (Rare and Valuable Skills)
  • How Skills Give You More Leverage Than a Set Career Path
  • The Arbitrary Advice of Following Your Passion - And Why It's Flawed
  • Why You have to Become Really Good at Something to Love Your Work
  • Traits That Lead People to Absolutely Love What They Do
  • Making the Transition Match Theory to Capital Theory
  • The Philosophy of Deep Work and Becoming a Master of Your Craft
  • Why Cal Newport has No Social Media Accounts
  • The Importance of Developing Taste in Your Work 
  • Looking at the Mission Behind Somebody's Work
  • The Framework of Little Bets to Make Progress with Your Ideas
  • Why Publishers are Like Investors When it Comes to Your Book Deal
  • Finding the Threads that Persist in Your Body of Work

Originally aired over 3 years ago.

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