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Toddy Henry started his career in the music business, which eventually led to a role as a creative director and the start of a podcast called The Accidental Creative. He wanted to answer the question of how we can do sustainable creative work. He previously appeared as a guest in our episode, The Essential Elements to Creative Success with Todd Henry. Here are a few of the highlights from our chat:
  • A Look at Staying Energized and Doing Great Work Todd Henry
  • The Common Threads Between People Who Are Prolific
  • What We Can Learn from the Success of Musicians 
  • Why the Creative Work You Do Is About the People You Serve
  • The Reason That Cover Bands Don't Change the World
  • Determining What Unique Value You Can Deliver
  • Building Bridges for Your Audience with Your Art
  • The Reality of What It Takes to Discover Your Gifts
  • 7 Deadly Sins That Lead to Mediocrity 
  • The Role of Fierce Curiosity in Your Growth
  • Why You Must Build a Study Plan to Stimulate You
  • How Our Comfort Zone Hurts Our Progress
  • The Role That Ego Plays in Destroying Your Success
  • The Myth of the Lone Innovator
  • Why You Need a Framework for Creative Work
  • Finding the Balance Between a Linear Process and Freedom
  • Why You Have to Love Reading the Book That You Write
  • Dying Empty of Regret and Not Going to Your Grave with Your Best
  • Approaching Your Work as a Craftsman
 Tweetable Insights Include:
  • Everything that seems fresh and new to you will eventually bore you (Click to Tweet)
  • You discover what you're good at only through action (Click to Tweet)
  • Creativity is a constant series of compromises (Click to Tweet)
  • I know that everything I do isn't going to be Citizen Kane (Click to Tweet)
Todd Henry is founder Accidental Creative, an arms dealer for the creative revolution, a thought follower, an obsessive notebook purchaser, and author of The Accidental Creative & Die Empty. You can follow him on twitter @toddhenry If you liked this article, would you share it with your friends? Just click here to post it to Twitter.

Originally aired almost 4 years ago.

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