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This week, we’re unveiling the speakers of our first in-person event, The Instigator Experience. Our seventh instigator is  the business whipstress Erika Lyremark. Here are some highlights from our chat:

  • How Erika’s Experience as a Stripper Provided Valuable Entrepreneurial Lessons
  • The Importance of Knowing What’s Going to Be Sustainable for Your Business
  • Key Questions for Shaping the Structure of Your Business
  • How to Make a Career Transition When You’re in a Full-Time Job
  • Why Career Progression Isn’t Linear
  • Discovering the Intersection Between Your Skills and What People Will Buy
  • Why You Have to Be a Straight-A Student in Your Business
  • Tapping into the Things You Enjoyed in Your Childhood to Shape Your Entrepreneurial Desires
  • The Key Ideas that Shaped Erika’s Personal Brand
  • Why the Things You’re Afraid to Share Could Be Integral Parts of Your Brand
  • How Little Actions Add Up Over Time
  • Why Erika Is Able to Get People to Repeat Her Programs More than Once
  • The Importance of Having Fun with Your Marketing
  • A Sneak Peek into Erika’s Book, Think Like a Stripper
  • Key Insights into What Makes Rockstars Thrive

Some Tweetable Insights and Quotes Include:

  • Be willing to be uncomfortable because that’s where you’re going to get your best ideas (Click to Tweet)
  • No matter how well you set yourself up for success, it is a bumpy ride (Click to Tweet)
  • Listen to those things that intuitively keep bubbling up (Click to Tweet)
  • You want to be able to bring in all your passions to your brand (Click to Tweet)
  • If you just do a little bit of something everyday, you will make traction faster (Click to Tweet)
  • If you’re not excited about it, you’re not going to attract money(Click to Tweet)
  • If you don’t know how to do something, hire somebody to help you with it (Click to Tweet)

Erika Lyremark was a stripper for almost a decade and is now the business whipstress at Daily Whip and author of Think Like A Stripper: How To Hustle Your Business Like You Mean It! You can follow her on twitter @dailywhip.  

Originally aired almost 4 years ago.

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