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"You know deep inside you that you will never be fully satisfied until you have anchored yourself in your Zone of Genius. To do less would be to hold back, and long ago you made a handshake deal with the universe that you wouldn’t do that. The seductive comforts of success, though, can lull us into accepting the status quo. In that state of comfort, it’s easy to forget the deal you made with the universe to use yourself fully." - Gay Hendricks In this episode, we revisit our interview with Laura Garnett, and we have a discussion about how you can find your own zone of genius. Here are just a few of the highlights from our chat:

  • Why Your Dream Job is Something that Doesn't Exist  
  • What Enables People to Get Things Done at Crazy Levels
  • The Beliefs that Are Key Ingredients to Success
  • The Power of Having Challenges In Your Life
  • How the Things You Think Are Best for You Can Turn into Bad Habits
  • The 3 Distinct Stages in Your Zone of Genius
  • Why Famous and Wildly Successful People Are Not Lucky 
  • The 5 Keys to Building a Genius Brand
  • Why You Can't Blindly Take Advice from People 
  • What It Takes to Operate in Your Genius
  • Some Amusing Thoughts on What It Would Be Like for Me to Interview Bill Clinton
  • Making Money in Your Zone of Genius
  • Why You Shouldn't Take On Any Work Just for Money 
  • Optimizing Your Web Site to Land Speaking Engagements

Tweetable Insights Include:

  • Having a job that you don't like is a habit (Click to Tweet)
  • Your greatest passion is generally linked to a challenge that you've conquered in your life (Click to Tweet)
  • When you're building a brand for yourself, you're creating an experience for others (Click to Tweet)
  • Get Support not Advice. Advice comes through someone else's worldview.  (Click to Tweet)
  • We asses what's possible for ourselves based on what we've seen for others   (Click to Tweet)
  • You have to enjoy the process, not the outcome (Click to Tweet)

Resources Mentioned Include:

Laura Garnett is a talent strategist and leadership activator. Her mission is to create a world where all of us walk into the office happy, confident, and deeply committed. You can follow her on twitter @garnettl. If you liked this article, would you share it with your friends? Just click here to post it to Twitter. Oh, and we’d be really grateful if you write us a review in iTunes.

Originally aired over 3 years ago.

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