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In this episode of the show we take a look at the economics of the internet. The web can be like a developing country with severe income disparity. While the barrier to entry is lower than ever, the wealth seems to remains in the favor of a select few people. Here are the highlights from our chat

  • Why you have to blend technology and creativity to make something unmistakable
  • The HAVE's and HAVE-NOT's of the internet 
  • Why the internet is about humans and software working together
  • How the income disparity will continue to grow across the internet
  • Why talent gets further ahead with less physical help 
  • How tools are making it possible to get further faster
  • The rare instances of MASSIVE success on social platforms
  • How creating wealth leads to the creation of jobs for other people
  • The idea that maybe all we need to is have our basic needs met
  • Moving away from a society where everything is not good enough
  • Why a  Youtube super star has no desire to be on television 




Resources and People Mentioned

Master of Your Craft or  Renaissance Person

If the Internet Real was a Real Place - Dave Chapelle

Originally aired over 3 years ago.

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