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Sam Spurlin got on my radar when his business partner Jonathan reviewed my e-book on their site ByBloggers. Sam is a rising star with an education background so it makes sense that we can learn a ton from him.  I was glad to have him on the show. Here's a few of the highlights from our conversation:
  • The Importance of Identifying What you Know That Could Help Other People
  • Why You Should Correspond With and Build Relationships with People You Look Up To
  • Identify the Kind of Blog Posts That Will Perform Well Based on Your Knowledge
  • Why You Should Focus Your Guest Posting Efforts on Blogs Regardless of Their Popularity
  • How to generate a list of 100 article Topics
  • How to Never Run out of Ideas for Blog Posts
  • How a friendship and relationships resulted in the formation of ByBloggers
Sam Spurlin writes about simplicity, values, and living a conscious life at thesimplerlife.net. He recently released his first ebook, Living the Simpler Life: 8 Essentials to Practice Everyday. He brings the perspective of a recent college graduate, teacher, and college hockey coach to the questions that puzzle him on a daily basis. He’s been known to tweet occasionally, respond to email and write like it’s going out of style.

Originally aired almost 7 years ago.

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