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Pat Flynn has become somewhat of a household name in the online world.  The growth of Smart Passive Income has been truly inspiring. His advice has informed the work of many online entrepreneurs. So, I was absolutely thrilled to have him back for what he affectionately termed a "hat trick with Patrick." Pat's previous appearances include: How To Start Making Money Online - Even When You Don't Have Many SubscribersGetting a Niche Site Ranked #1 on GoogleCase Study: How To Succeed Online, and Pat Flynn Shares his Productivity Secrets. Here are a few of the highlights from our most recent chat:
  • Why the Seeds of Pat's Passive Income are Planted Far in Advance Pat Flynn
  • Pat's "Shoebox" that He Puts His Ideas into
  • A Look at How Pat Evaluates Various Projects and Opportunities
  • The Importance of Having Other People Help You
  • The Tactical Blueprint for How Pat Takes a Project from Inception to Launch
  • Why You Must Break Projects Up into Tiny Pieces
  • The Power of Accountability Partners and Mastermind Groups
  • Learning Not to Quit Before You Reach the Inflection Point
  • An In-Depth Look into the Marketing of Crooked Arrows
  • How Pat Grew a Page from 2k to 200k Fans - Plus Facebook Ad Performance
  • Knowing When It Makes Sense to Hire Outside Help
  • Why You  Should Never Go on Fiverr to Buy Your Fans and Followers
  • How the Smart Passive Income Podcast Has Become So Successful
  • Multiple Tactics That Can Bring Your Podcast Listeners to Your Web Site
  • An Amazing Story of How Pat's Podcast Touches People's Lives 
  • Key Tactics for Search Optimizing Your Podcast
  • How to "Unbox the Mystery" to Increase Affiliate Sales
  • Pat Discusses Departing from His Standard Content Format
  • The Interactive Experience That Pat is Creating with Let Go
  • Why Support Systems are Incredibly Vital for Your Success
  • The Importance of Celebrating Your Small Wins
  • How Pat's Journey Led to Him Becoming a Keynote Speaker
Resources Mentioned Include:  Tweetable  Insights Include:
  • So many people quit right before amazing things are about to happen (Click to Tweet)
  • The stronger relationship you have with people the less pitching you have to do (Click to Tweet)
  • The More Helpful You Can Be, the More People Are Going to Want to Pay You Back (Click to Tweet)
Pat Flynn blogs  at Smart Passive Income about his businesses,  strategies, and income.  He aims to show readers exactly what he does so that you can learn and be successful online too – from both his success stories as well as mistakes and failures. You can follow him on twitter @PatFlynn. If you liked this article, would you share it with your friends? Just click here to post it to Twitter. Oh, and we’d be really grateful if you write us a review in iTunes.

Originally aired over 4 years ago.

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