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I came across the Onboardly team because they sent us a few amazing guests. So I figured it might interesting to learn about what they're up to. They packed our chat with some really valuable insights on what it takes to run a business. Here are some highlights from our chat
  • How to Deal with a Job that Sucks Onboardly
  • The Importance of Investing in Yourself
  • Why You Should Always Learn Something New
  • The Three Types of Approaches to Career Transitions
  • The Power of Having Support Systems in Your Life
  • Catching the Wave of Death - and What It Does for You
  • The Curse of Success in Your Creative Pursuits
  • Insights on How to Search for People to Collaborate With
  • Being Weary of the Friends Who Envy Your Success
  • The Importance of Volunteering for Things You Don't Know How to Do
  • Learning to Recognize What You are Good at - and Finding Convergence
  • The Power of Feedback from Complete Strangers
  • The 3 Dials of Developing an Effective Marketing Strategy
  • The 3 Steps of Identifying Perfect Clients for Your Business
  • Why Your Content Has to Cater to Different Groups of People
  • Writing Things That Your Target Clients Should Hear About
  • The Importance of Having Your Own Opinions
  • Extending the Reach of Your Blog Post
  • Why Selfishness is Underrated in Your Ability to Be Successful
Onboardly works with early stage funded tech startups to help them get noticed, secure early traction, and acquire more customers. It was founded by Renee Warren and Heather Anne Carson. You can follow them on twitter @onboardly, @Renee_Warren, and @heatheranne. If you liked this article, would you share it with your friends? Just click here to post it to Twitter. Oh, and we’d be really grateful if you write us a review in iTunes.

Originally aired over 4 years ago.

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