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Matthew Stillman is someone I came across because of my good friend Kelly Diels. She was the second person I ever interviewed and said that Matthew had one of the most interesting projects she'd come across in a while. We actually did this interview while sitting on a park bench in New York's Central Park, which is fitting considering the story behind his blog. Here are some highlights:
  • How a Very Unusual Idea Became a Blog
  • One of the Most Odd Monetization Strategies Ever
  • Some Amazing Ways that Matthew Has Changed People’s Lives
  • Identifying Your Core Strengths and Applying Them to Your Blog
  • The Power of Connecting on a Deeper Level with Your Audience
  • Why Conversation Occurs Everywhere Outside Social Media
  • The Culture of Advocacy and Why It Needs to be in Your Strategy
Matthew Stillman talks to strangers and blogs at Stillman Says to record it. He brings creative approaches to what you've been thinking about...in any situation in spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs. You can follow him on twitter @stillmansays.

Originally aired over 6 years ago.

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