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Maren Kate is somebody that I kept running into at other blogs that I read, so knew she had to be up to some pretty interesting stuff. She packed this interview with alot of great advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and bloggers. Here's just a few of the highlights below:
  • How to take advantage of hitting your low point
  • The #1 Reason  For Starting a Blog
  • A simple process for building substantial relationships with bloggers
  • Why Interviews are a phenomenal tool for networking with bloggers
  • Why You Should Write about Anything You Think might make an interesting/highly personal blog post
  • How to Build Relationships Offline With Local Business People/Grow Your Business
Maren is an entrepreneur and blogs about her journey in leading an unconventional life at Escapingthe9to5.com. You can follow her on Twitter @marenkate

Originally aired about 7 years ago.

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