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Luciano Passuello is the author of Litemind: one of the biggest personal development blogs on the web. Luciano often digs deep, analyzes issues and looks at reasons behind why we think the things we do - and he applies his same analytical perspective to blogging.  You'll love this interview, as Luciano shares some original methods for making your blog successful including:  
  • How Stumbleupon regularly sends him upwards of 10,000 visits in a day
  • Getting featured on large sites such as CNN and Lifehacker
  • The one question to ask yourself in order to write the most effective blog post
  • The importance of writing multiple blog posts that you never publish
  • Some very cool Google Analytics tricks to get the most out of your data
  • Why the term “monetization” is all wrong
Luciano Passuello is author of Litemind where his mission is to explore ways to use our mind efficiently. You can follow him on Twitter @Lucianop

Originally aired over 7 years ago.

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