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We took notice of J.D. Bentley from Wage Slave Rebel recently because he has just been on a roll - pumping out great content, and releasing products.  In this interview we got a sneak peek at what he's got in store for the future -  as well as some insight into how he's looking beyond just a blog, and at creating a community - and a business.
If you've been focusing on making money by freelance writing or blogging, J.D.'s insights will give you a lot to think about.
  • How he discovered it was possible to make money writing
  • The freelance game
  • Getting started designing with a pirated copy of Photoshop
  • Why selling your time is overrated
  • Why when you start freelancing, you trade in one boss you can't stand for a whole line of bosses you can't stand
  • Working for people versus working with people
  • The clash of freelancing and lifestyle design
  • Mistakes people make when they make digital products
  • How he created and sold an ebook from public domain source
  • Building a community versus random traffic that never comes back again
  • The numbers that don't matter
J.D. Bentley started Wage Slave Rebel as a resource for those who are dying to escape from conformity and design the lifestyles they dream of!  J.D. writes about online entrepreneurship, productivity, and lifestyle design. Follow him on twitter @jdbentley

Originally aired over 7 years ago.

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