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One of my favorite things about Matt Wilson is that he seems to epitomize the young entrepreneur. In this conversation with him, not only share some great tips, but also some great stories of how many doors have opened up for him because of all the things he’s doing with MattWilsonTV and Under30CEO.com - Utilizing a blog as a networking tool - How he got featured on the front page of Businessweek.com - Helping other bloggers succeed in order to grow your community - An interesting strategy that focuses more heavily on guest posts than posts on your own blog - How video content has opened up opportunities for public speaking and tons of great PR - The history and formation of Under30CEO - How to generate buzz by helping other people - Living the dream and spending the winter at a Ski Resort Matt is the co-founder of the Under30CEO. He also runs a personal site called MattWilson.TV where he focuses on using video content to provide advice to young entrepreneurs.

Originally aired over 7 years ago.

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