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Ipodular Monkey

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As some of you know by now, we recently made some changes to our podcast that have been impacting many of our listeners. Unfortunately we can't communicate this to them through the podcast because they're not getting it.  So sharing this post with anybody you can via FB, twitter,and Google+ would mean the world to us.  Below I've included instructions on how to make sure that you're getting all our latest episodes. Some of you have mentioned that new episodes are actually showing up on your podcast apps but, you're actually getting a "download error." Just know we're doing everything we can to make this transition as seamless as possible for you, but it's going to require a few seconds of work on your part.  

How to fix the Issue

  1) Delete your subscription to BlogcastFM on whichever podcast app you're currently using.    2) Find BlogcastFM again and resubscribe. When you do that, you'll be pointing to the new feed and everything should sync.    If you're still having issues after doing the above 2 steps, please email me at srini@blogcastfm or contact me on twitter @blogcastfm    

Originally aired about 4 years ago.

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